Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Ultimate N82 Battery

For those N82 users who insist that the given Nokia battery provides poor performance, this battery may be what you're looking for...

It's a 2000mAh BP-6MT Lithium-ion Battery (as opposed to Nokia's 1050mAh BP-6MT), which basically means it's roughly twice as durable as the Nokia one. Notice that it's also physically twice the size of the Nokia one - meaning that if you feel that your Nokia N82 is already very thick, you probably shouldn't get this, or people will start to wonder what you have hidden in your pockets...

It's going for US$9.99 from Hong Kong, and to be honest I'm not exactly sure whether this battery is reliable or not; although I'm tempted to purchase this since it's going for a rather cheap price, and to do a complete review on the battery unit.

Oh, and if you do intend to get it, a word of warning - if you're doing any firmware updates, you MUST place your original Nokia battery in your N82 before conducting them. This is because the upgrade checks for the battery, and if it's not the official Nokia one, the update will terminate, screwing up your phone. Don't say I didn't warn you...

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