Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Opera Mini Web Browser Is A Great Alternative

If you haven't already tried out Opera Mini you need to give it a shot. It's a great alternative to the built in Web application. Pages load fast and the layout is perfect. I've seen a few website rendered wrong with the Web application, and Opera Mini can handle it perfectly.

Today they released Opera Mini 4.1 which doubles the speed of previous versions. I hadn't used Opera Mini in a really long time because it wasn't fast enough and I was always more than happy with the built in Web application. But after giving this latest release I try I am extremely impressed and can honestly say Opera Mini will probably be used more than Web. The speed is amazing and there are just so many more features to this application. One of my favorites being the ability to scroll down pages fast and smoothly instead of click by click like the Web application.

Here is a list of some of the important features.

Search Within Text
Auto-Completion of URLS based on your history and bookmarks
Offline Viewing
Speed Dial Bookmarks
Power Scrolling
Custom search shortcuts
Page Overview
Auto Jump To Text
Full Screen Viewing Even In Landscape

There is a ton of more features so you gotta try out the application yourself to see the rest. Opera Mini is also amazing because it re-renders the pages through it's own servers and minimizes the page sizes. Those who have expensive data plans will save lots of money.

A few tips.
Keep the settings on portrait. Rotating the N82 will also rotate the screen and it works perfectly. If you get sick of the application asking you which access point to use you can fix this. Go into your Application Manager and select Opera Mini. Click options and Access Points. Set your Network Access to Always Aloud.

Keep in mind this is a Java application which means it can be used on just about any phone. I'm usually not fond of java applications because they tend to run slow and not as smooth as native .sis applications, but Opera Mini is an exception.

Check out the official Opera Mini Guided Tour Video below.

Go to www.operamini.com from your phone or computer to download the latest version.

Which do you prefer? The standard Web application or Opera Mini?

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