Thursday, February 7, 2008

Grand 5 megapixel shootout: The usual suspects

Gsm-arena have posted a very interesting comparison between several 5 mega pixel phones and here is the final conclusion.

Well that's it, the grand 5 megapixel camera shootout is drawing to an end. We will not present any final results - probably contrary to what you've been expecting. If you want to choose your next mobile and it has to be one of these, we suggest that you sum up only the results for the tests that are important to you.

And just in a quick attempt to summarize things, if you want the most universal performer this will surely be the Nokia N95 8GB. With the Nokia N82 you even have a xenon flash and exactly the same camera performance, so you might as well go that way too. Our observations are that the Nokia N82 handles all photo situations as the Nokia N95 and produces the same results.

Then if your top priority is well thought and capable interface you may chose Sony Ericsson K850. It delivers a superior user experience and feels like a real digital camera at times.

If you are into video recordings and macro shots, then your choice should be the LG KU990 Viewty. The widescreen touch screen display also counts as it's a unique feature among the contenders.

And finally if you are looking for the best-bang-for-the-buck and reliable performance you might as well go with the Samsung G600. While it's not a fully-fledged cameraphone, it does have its strong points and we shouldn't also forget that it's the most affordable of the bunch.

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