Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thanko Tape Dispenser USB Hub

It is as easy as it seems. Thanko presents the Tape Dispenser USB Hub, a new and unique 2 in 1 desk accessory. Without an AC adapter, this tape dispenser is designed with 4 extra USB ports. It saves space and combines multiple purposes. Thanko's Tape Dispenser USB Hub has a stylish body and color that fits in any office. Available in one size. Only from Japan.

Active scotch tape: Inside diameter: 76.2 mm / width: 25mm, within length: 50m
Hardware requirement: Windows2000/XP/Vista and MacOS X
Port: USB 2.0
Power source: Bus power
Number of ports: 4 ports
Port supply coulomb: 5v 100mA/port, 4 ports total of 350mA
USB cable: 75cm
Size: W171 x H87 x D47.5 mm
Weight: 790g

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