Thursday, December 6, 2007

One Dollar iPhones in Canada

No, this is not a hoax, in-store promotion, or a figment of this writer’s imagination. In fact, one can already get iPhones in Canada for one (1 Canadian) dollar a piece.

How is that possible? While we don’t want to disappoint our Canadian readers that can already buy the iPhones, this is not exactly the same product you’re thinking about.

The iPhones in question are just cheap $1 headphones manufactured by little known company Electra, which supplies the Dollarama bargain stores chain. Not surprisingly the iPhones were spotted in a Dollarama store in Montreal. Nevertheless, this seems to be a total spin on iPhone’s popularity in Canada, including the letters capitalization.

And as for why something like this is allowed to be sold in Canada, the answer is rather simple. So far Apple didn’t have a chance to trademark the iPhone in Canada, since its trademark registration is being contested by Comwave, another company that used this name (but didn’t actually trademark it) for a long time in Canada in order to promote its VoIP phone services.

And while the legal brouhaha is going on iPhone’s future in Canada is not exactly clear — Apple still did not announce its Canadian release date while its and Rogers’ (the only carrier technically capable of offering the iPhone in Canada) representatives repeatedly dodge this question. But at least one can already get a pair of cheap iPhones, if only for the moral satisfaction of owning an iPhone. No matter what kind it is.


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