Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hong Kong Taxis Offer Free Access to HSDPA USB Modem

This is great news, at least to road warriors in Hong Kong carrying their ultra portables everywhere they go. The local taxis are now giving out free HSDPA access. Passengers will get wireless broadband connection during the ride. No fee and strings are attached. To be eligible for the trial, simply install the Mobile Connect software; as soon as you connect the USB modem, you should be automatically logged onto the Internet. This is part of the ad campaign paid by Vodafone Hong Kong in an attempt to boost their 3.5G data subscription. As of this writing, not all 15,000 cabs are outfitted with the modem; so, if you want to get free mobile Internet, watch for taxis with a Vodafone modem mini-billboard mounted atop their roof. The initial response to the program came back extremely positive. Some people even refused to leave at their destination in order to finish the download.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yet another Nokia N82 ripoff

It's quite remarkable that a phone that hasn't even been leaked or announced has been ripped off so many times by the Chinese. I think after the iPhone, the Nokia N82 has the most ripoffs prior to anything. This one is the best rip off I have seen so far. Here are some specs.

- dual mode GSM/CDMA
- 3 inch QVGA 16 million color touchscreen
- 5 mega pixel camera
- FM radio
- bluetooth
- titanium keypad
- microSD support
- measures 117x55x18 mm
- weighs 115 grams

Pics from m8cool

HTC S730 - successor of HTC S710

Here the first live pics of the HTC S730 destined to be the S710 successor. It will feature 3G, 400 mhz Qualcomm CPU, better keypad, better keyboard, better bluetooth and better build quality. Looks great!

The first HTC Touch slide live pics

The phone features 3G + HSDPA, a 400MHz Qualcomm processor, a 2 mega pixel camera, microSD expansion and some new kind of Windows Mobile Suretype keyboard. The phone looks great. I can't wait for official announcement.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fresh new Sony Ericsson K770 pics

Here are some great new pics of the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K770. The phone really shines in these pics. It looks great from all directions especially the back. I think the beige version looks the best. The phone also takes decent pics.

Pics from phonedaily

Samsung's GPS-equipped i780 "Treo-killer" revealed

Samsung seems to be working a little in reverse with its upcoming SGH-i780 Windows Mobile 6 handset, showing it first at GITEX, then providing shots to media a couple weeks later -- all without an official press release or announcement. Fortunately, we have pretty much all the information we want about it at this point, save for one key detail: will it come to AT&T as the rumored BlackJack 2? Unlike the original BlackJack, the i780 runs the touchscreen-driven Professional variant of Windows Mobile, features an "optical mouse" on the d-pad that provides the user with an actual on-screen pointer, and features integrated WiFi and GPS. If we were the wagering sort, we'd guess that an AT&T variant of this sucker would lose the WiFi and trade Euro HSDPA radio hardware for its North American equivalent, but with integrated GPS, it still seems like it could be a worthwhile upgrade. Sweden apparently expects it in early 2008, though there's no official word on launches elsewhere just yet.

Vertu does it again, crafts second Ferrari phone for $25K

See, here's the thing about Vertu phones: anyone who's wealthy enough to afford one probably wants (and can afford) more than one, probably doesn't care about newfangled goodies like 3G or a large, high resolution display, and probably keeps a Ferrari or two in the garage. On that note we give you the "Ascent Ferrari 60," the Nokia division's second Ferrari-themed handset. Unlike the first -- which happened to also be an Ascent -- the Ferrari 60 features a shift gate on its posterior instead of a brake pedal, which clearly makes it worth the €18,000 (about $25,370) asking price. Of course, that hefty cost of admission also nets you an elaborately fashioned storage box, a Vertu Aerius headset, and an actual valve out of a Ferrari F1 car, so the 60 lucky sons of guns that grab this thing are in for a treat (if valves and outdated Bluetooth headsets are your thing). Check it out at Nokia's London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong locations.

[Via Autoblog, thanks Kane]

Sony Ericsson K770 review

Gsmarena posted an excellent review as usual on the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K770. There is lot's of info and tons of pics of the phone and from the cam. It's definitely worth checking out. Here are gsmarena's pros, cons and final words. Enjoy!

Key features
Slim and stylish
TFT display with a QVGA resolution
3 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
Memory card slot with hot-swap support
3G support with video calls
Multi-tasking support
Walkman-style music player
FM radio
TrackID support
Bluetooth (with A2DP)
Dedicated quick camera settings keys
Main disadvantages
Only 16MB internal memory
Records video in ancient QCIF (176 x 144 pixels) resolution only
No Xenon flash
No BestPic shooting mode

Final words
The Cyber-shot line is astir. Following the K810, the 5 megapixel monster K850 took a bow. Having recently given you the leader of the Cyber-shot pack, we had our hands on the sleek and thin 3 megapixel K770. We liked this Cyber-shot for its design and friendly handling. A bit of a disappointment is the stale user interface. The other serious drawback is the low video capturing resolution. The photo quality couldn't impress us either, as it wasn't near the one of its Cyber-shot elder brothers. The camera performance was further beaten down by the lack of a xenon flash and the lack of the BestPic shooting mode. So in all honesty, the new Sony Ericsson K770 seems pretty much as a Cyber-shot-branded replica of the T650. Fair enough, there's nothing wrong with trying to build on a successful design. Without much effort, Sony Ericsson adds a stylish mid-range handset to its Cyber-shot lineup.

iPhone firmware 1.1.1 released, WiFi Music Store included

What goodies does Apple have in store for us this time around? Quite a few, we'd say! Follow the break for more!

[Thanks, JS]

Update: We deleted on ours and kicked off the update, things are taking a while but no obvious problems yet. Stay tuned.

Update 2: Success! The phone's restarting now.

Update 3: WiFi Music Store, check. New calculator icon to match the iPod touch, check. Phone had to be reactivated.

Update 4:
We're hearing numerous reports of "Incorrect SIM" errors on unlocked iPhones after the update -- user beware!

Hands-on with the Palm Centro

Well, here's the shiny little Centro, in all its slightly-less-than-breathtaking beauty. Truth be told, the phone doesn't look or feel too bad -- we still don't get the gray stripe through the middle, but what can you do? The keyboard is unbelievably tiny, but we'll take it where we can get it. The surface of the cherry red or metallic black phone is quite slick, and we suspect will go tumbling out of sweaty hands like gang busters. Of course, the EV-DO connection was snappy, but the thing we're most stoked about is the fact that Palm has finally eliminated that 2-pixel border around the screen. Hey, no new OS... but that border is gone. The Centro is due mid-October for the shockingly low price of $99.99, which should help push more than a couple of these out the door. Hit the gallery and check out all the hot photos.

iPod touch gets updated to 1.1.1, too

It looks like the iPhone's not the only touchscreen-based Apple device getting an update today, with the iPod touch now also moving on up to version 1.1.1. While it's yet to be confirmed, some users at the MacRumors forums are reporting that the update (which clocks in at a hefty 150MB) actually fixes some of the screen problems that users have been experiencing on the device -- still no calendar editing though. For its part, Apple only describes the update as containing "bug fixes," although touch users needn't go very far to see exactly what that entails, with the update now available though iTunes.

LG U960

U960 specs

- 3.6 Mbps HSDPA
- UMTS/GSM/GPRS (2100/900/1800/1900Mhz)
- DVB-H tuner with EPG,
- 2.2 inch QVGA pixel 262K color screen
- 2 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and QCIF and QVGA video recording,
- front VGA camera for video calls
- USB 2
- A2DP
- 5 MB built in mermory
- microSD support
- comes with 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery

Black Sony Ericsson W890

This black W890 is a photoshop done by beta-tester over at esato. This W890 is part of the spy pics that was leaked a few days ago and is originally in brown. I must say it also looks good in black.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sony Ericsson W880 successor leaked

Another Walkman branded phone by Sony Ericsson seems to be under way, unofficial information has leaked in the internet. To get to the point, a 3.2 megapixel Sony Ericsson Walkman is being sold on a Polish site. It does look real and not just another dummy. Only a quick glance at it is enough to convince us that this phone can be nothing other than a successor of the highly popular Sony Ericsson W880.

Unknown 3.2 megapixel Sony Ericsson Walkman leaked

The new phone boosts a secondary video call camera along with the already mentioned 3.2 megapixel camera. There is no information whether it will sport autofocus but, considering Sony Ericsson's usual practice, the absence of one will be considered a surprise. The device will be only 12mm thick, which is more than W880 but still a decent girth. Although the currently available information is quite sparse, we can confirm that the successor, like the original W880, will be tri-band GSM and UMTS enabled, with Bluetooth and USB support also on board. The end-user phone memory is 25 MB, expandable through a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card slot. It is certainly worth mentioning that Sony Ericsson has abandoned the outlandish keypad used in W880, choosing a more conventional one this time.

An interesting detail, disclosed by the seller, is that the menu interface of the new Sony Ericsson Walkman is just the same as the one in Sony Ericsson's best cameraphone K850. Judging by the interface screenshots we obtained, this is very probable. Despite their not-so-great quality, it is clearly visible that the phone has the same Media Center, as seen in K850. A slight difference is noticed in the camera menu. The BestPic shooting mode is replaced by a burst mode, which has similar but still not the same performance. A sample photo from the phone’s camera is also available and we hope it helps get better first impressions of the handset.

The interface is most probably the same as in Sony Ericsson K850 • Sample photo made with the phone's camera

At this stage no information regarding its availability and pricing is available.

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