Friday, August 31, 2007

SanDisk M2 8GB

Dennis Hissink : September 1st 2007 - 01:02 CET @

SanDisk M2 8GB :
SanDisk announced that it is shipping the SanDisk 8GB Memory Stick Micro (M2) flash memory cards to phone manufacturers and mobile network operators (MNOs) for testing and evaluation purposes. Primarily used in Sony Ericsson mobile phones, the 8GB SanDisk M2 cards are ideal for the growing number of consumers who make their mobile Phone - with its built-in music player, digital camera and video player/recorder - the centerpiece of their digital lifestyle. At 8GB, SanDisk offers the largest capacity M2 card in the world. The new SanDisk M2 8GB card will allow consumers to listen to more than 2,000 digital songs, or store more than 5,000 high-resolution pictures, or up to 5 hours of high-quality MPEG 4 videos.
SanDisk M2 8GBSanDisk Memory Stick Micro 8GB
“With the addition of an 8GB SanDisk M2 card, consumers will instantly have the same amount of storage as the largest capacity iPhone,” said Jeff Kost, senior vice president and general manager of the Mobile Consumer Solutions division at SanDisk. “Furthermore, removable cards make it easy to share content you create with friends, ‘sideload’ content and files from a computer and have virtually unlimited storage by simply purchasing more cards. SanDisk is enabling people to get more out of their phones than ever before.”

SanDisk M2 8GB flash memory - Pricing and Storage solutions
Retail release of the SanDisk M2 8GB card and availability to phone manufacturers and network operators is planned for Q4 2007. Pricing has not yet been determined. In addition to its Memory Stick Micro M2 cards, SanDisk also offers a broad range of both embedded and removable storage solutions for mobile handset manufacturers and mobile network operators. These include iNAND and mDOC embedded flash drives and microSD, microSDHC, miniSD and MegaSIM cards.

Memory Stick card - History and Availability
Since the September 1998 market introduction of Memory Stick, cumulative shipments of media have achieved 145 million units as of August 2005. In recent years, Memory Stick media has been used not only to store still images of digital still cameras and sharing data among PCs, but has also been widely used for entertainment purposes such as playing back video and music content. As mobile phones become more advanced with varied functions, including video and music playback, there is an increasing need for smaller, high-capacity media which this product addresses. The Memory Stick Micro media was available in the first half of 2006.

About SanDisk Flash Memory
SanDisk is the original inventor of flash storage cards and is the world’s largest supplier of flash data storage card products, using its patented, high-density flash memory and controller technology. SanDisk is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., and has operations worldwide, with more than half its sales outside the U.S.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nokia 5700 Transformers Edition

from: Just Another Mobile Blog

Here is the mysterious black 5700 that wasn't really mentioned in the massive Nokia event yesterday. Not only is it black, it is also Transformers branded. Seems like Nokia likes to cooperate with the Transformers since there is also a N93i Transformers Edition. It comes with matching accessories.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sony Ericsson K810 clone

from Just Another Mobile Blog

I think this is the first Sony Ericsson K810 I have stumbled upon. I have posted in the past, phones that copied the keys but not of the whole phone. The front was copied from the real K810 but the back borrows the K550 design. Here are some specs.

- 2.4 inch 260K QVGA touchscreen
- 1.3 mega pixel camera with lens cover
- microSD support
- 4 speakers
- measures 110x50x14 mm
- weighs 80 grams

The phone bears the Cyber-shot label but no Sony Ericsson (or it's variations) anywhere but there is a MP3/MP4 MUSICK PLAYER. Hahaha...

Pics from 52sogi

Fake Sony Ericsson W810i Gets a Touch Screen Upgrade

from Slashphone

We actually saw many fake phones around, and sometimes we like to post some interesting copy cat. This W810i is branded as OSCAR, has the same model name W810i (they dun even bother to change the name!). Phone body design is almost the same. The display screen is a touch screen where you can use a stylus to input text and select menu. Stylus is hide nicely at the side, similar to those pda phone. The best part is their 3 megapixel camera module at the back, after tested the real resolution turn out to be only 1.3 megapixel.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity, August 24, 2007, 12:00PM EDT


Posted Aug 24th 2007 12:00PM by Ryan Block
It's high noon, Apple and AT&T -- we really hate to break it to you, but the jig is up. Last night the impossible was made possible: right in front of our very eyes we witnessed a full SIM unlock of our iPhone with a small piece of software. It's all over, guys.

The team called us up to prove their claim that they cracked Apple's iPhone SIM lock system, and prove it they did. (No, we don't have a copy of the unlock software, so don't even ask us, ok?) The six-man team has been working non-stop since launch day, and they're officially the first to break Apple's SIM locks on the iPhone with software. It's done. Seriously. They wouldn't tell us when and how they would release it to the public, but you can certainly bet that they'll try to make a buck on their solution (and rightly so). We can hardly believe the iPhone's finally been cracked. No, scratch that -- we just can't believe it took this long.

Again: we can confirm with 100% certainty that's software solution completely SIM unlocks the iPhone, is restore-resistant, and should make the iPhone fully functional for users outside of the US. Read on for details and links to our video, and check out the gallery of images below.

Notes on the install
  • The unlock process took only a couple of minutes. From our end it was totally painless.
  • Once you put your new, non AT&T SIM in the device, you have to go through the usual activation process. This can, of course, be done by anyone anywhere with the right tools (like iASign or iActivator)
  • We tested with an active T-Mobile SIM -- after the hack was finished and we reactivated we immediately got full bars and the T-Mobile carrier info popped up in the top bar.
  • Everything is otherwise the same, except the menu system now has a couple more options. The root menu has Carrier settings where you can select your preferred network if you don't want to roam.
  • The General -> Network menu now has an EDGE network settings area where you can input your carrier's APN and username / password. We put in our T-Mobile info, and were immediately online. (Apparently these hidden menus were added in the 1.0.1 update, they tell us. How convenient!)
  • Visual voicemail isn't in the cards -- sorry. That was, of course, to be expected because it's a special AT&T network-specific feature right now. When you hit the voicemail button you are taken immediately to your carrier's default voicemail line though, and that works just like it would on any other phone.
  • Everything is confirmed as working on a non-AT&T network: SMS send / receive, internet (including Safari, Mail, Google maps, etc.). YouTube doesn't work out of the box, but that's to be expected. If you're not on AT&T you have to manually activate YouTube -- here's the guide on how to do that. (YouTube is the only app you have to activate like this.)
  • We know, it's kind of crazy, but this isn't a hoax.
  • No, sorry, you can't have our unlocked iPhone.
Restore / upgrade resistance
  • The guys claim this method is restore and upgrade resistant. We have no way of knowing whether Apple will be able to disable this SIM unlock with future iPhone software updates, but we can confirm that it is restore-resistant.
  • We performed a full restore (v1.0.2) on our iPhone and successfully activated it using an inactive AT&T SIM.
  • After fake-activating our iPhone, you merely pop out the AT&T SIM, put in the foreign SIM of your choosing, reactivate, and you're done. "Boom," as Steve might say.
  • Restoring from an iPhone backup in iTunes worked perfectly despite the lock and foreign SIM. The only thing to notice was the phone number is now listed as "n/a" in iTunes. Big whoop.
  • No, seriously. You can't have our unlocked iPhone.
Before you get in a tizzy claiming it's a faked video, please note that:
  • We show the T-Mobile SIM at the beginning and end.
  • The video stream does get cropped toward the end. That's actually just a crop to make sure the phone number on the second iPhone isn't shown. No frames of the video stream were removed, it wasn't a cut.
  • Just so you could be extra sure it's real, we even left in the GSM radio noise.
  • Dude, you can unlock your own iPhone soon, ok? You can't have ours.
[MP4] Download in 720p HD (44MB)
[MP4] Download in wide VGA (14MB)
[AVI] Download in 720p HD (44MB)
[AVI] Download in wide VGA (14MB)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

LG Prada 24ct Gold Phone


Prada, one of the World’s leading designers, have teamed up with LG to unveil this completely touch screen mobile phone. The Prada Phone by LG (KE850) is a breakthrough in the industry, with its sophisticated design and elegant looks.
Other features of LG include a web browser, email client and MP3 player. This fanatastic looking phone is probably the hottest designer phone at the moment.

Vendor: Amosu
Type: 24 carat gold
Default for £499.00

F8 - the HD phone

This phone dubbed the HD phone in China comes in a cool ceramic white and a large widescreen. The phone measures 11.5x4.7x1.5 cm and features a 2.6 inch WQVGA 260K color screen with a contrast ratio of 500:1. It also has stereo speakers on the back, TV out, video accelerator chip and 1.3 mega pixel camera.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yet another dual sim Chinese phone. It features one of those solar external chargers and the maker emphasizes that the phone can use 2 sims at the same time. It also has huge designed for Windows Mobile on the back yet the phone doesn't run Windows Mobile...The phone features a 2 mega pixel camera, microSD support, 3 inch QVGA touchscreen, bluetooth and stereo speakers.

Pics of smashed up iPhone

Ouch! What a heartbreaking sight for the eyes. Hey at least the back is alright.

Go Large!