Sunday, April 29, 2007

Linux Ubuntu on SE P990i?

A fake video of a Sony Ericsson P990i mobile running Linux Ubuntu, it could be very cool if someone do that for real XD.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New upcoming Sony Ericsson P700 smartphone

Here are some pictures of the upcoming Sony Ericsson P700 smartphone:


The Web got first live shots of Sony Ericsson P700i smartphone (expected name), that is now about to get announced. There was some preliminary information and even a handful of snaps, though they lookув as if they'd been composed in graphics editor, that is.

The rumor has it, the upcoming device, similarly to its predecessor, will run Symbian UIQ and have GSM plus WCDMA connectivity chucked in. Other bits of information going about in the Web suggest the handset will come armed with a 2,6-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 240x320 pixels, 3,2 Mpix camera and a VGA unit for videoconferencing, data transfer through Bluetooth and WiFi.

Sony Ericsson W300i

Celulares de mis amigos Jorge Gonzalez y Thalía Flores, ambos son modelos W300i de Sony Ericsson con el operador Claro, se ven bien bonitos!

Mobiles from my friends Jorge Gonzalez and Thalía Flores, both are Sony Ericsson W300i with Claro as the mobile operator, they look so shiny!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Motorola C650

This mobile is from a friend, I replaced the loudspeaker since it wasn't working.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nokia 3300

I got this cellphone from a friend, it had a power issue, after checking throughly I found that the power button was broken, after replacing it the mobile worked again!

Nokia 3220

This is the cellphone of my dad, it's a Nokia 3220 on Movistar mobile operator:

Monday, April 16, 2007

SE W700i

I got this SE W700i cellphone from a friend, he wanted to increase the volume of the external speaker like my SE W810i with modded acoustics driver files but since its a different platform between them it didn't work.

Comparision pictures between my SE W810i and the SE W700i from my friend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nokia 2112

This is a CDMA mobile, it was suscribed to a business network called RPM (Red Privada Movistar) from Movistar, some days ago I changed it for a GSM phone. Now this unit doenst have any line.

At the time i was using it, it was very uncomfortable when typing SMS, the keypad is very hard to press! I usually ended with tendinitis after sending some SMS...

Motorola C200

I got this phone from TIM Peru store at the same time i bought the Audiovox GSM609P, and i was very lucky because later when Movistar installed their GSM service I tested this phone and it was unlocked!, now i use it with a Movistar SIM Card! XD

Audiovox GSM609P

This is a nice small phone, its incredible small, but a bit fragile, i bought it from TIM Peru store several years ago as a gift to my little brother.

This mobile doesn't work anymore... :(

The SE K310i

This is the Sony Ericsson K310i i bought from Claro on January 31th, 2007 because of a great promotion they offered at that time.

The unit is very light, the camera has VGA resolution (640x480 pixels), it does take average quality photos, don't expect taking good pictures at night...

Side by side with my SE W810i:

Size comparision among SE P910i, K310i and W810i mobiles:

Go Large!